More Photos of Jackson Hole

Tetons by moonlight
Tetons by Moonlight

Cattle Drive in Wyoming
Dusty Cattle Drive near Casper, Wyoming.

Climbing to top of the Grand Teton
Top of the Grand Teton 9:30 a.m., mid-July

Hiking in Grand Teton National Park
A hike crosses a stream at the "Meadows" below the Grand Teton

Climbing the Grand Teton.
Climbing the Grand...almost there.

Climbers on summit of Grand Teton
At the top of the Grand Teton

Hiking shelter at base of the Grand Teton
A shelter for the night before waking up at 3:30 to start the final ascent of the Grand Teton.


A milk truck gets stuck in a cattle jam
A milk truck is held up by cows.

Elk in Yellowstone National Park
An elk munches something in front of burned hillside in autumn, 1988, after Yellowstone fires