Jackson Hole Guide

Many travelers revisit the same location again and again without ever consulting a guide. They stay at the same hotels, eat at the same favored restaurants, and check out the same type of attractions. Sometimes this happens because the traveler is a person that thrives on routine. More often, this happens because a traveler simply doesn't know where to look. He doesn't want to waste a perfectly good vacation on the unknown. Don't get stuck in a rut--finding adventure in Jackson Hole, Wyoming is simple, and there's a comprehensive online guide that can help.

Jackson Hole, a tourist-friendly town located in the Teton mountain range, is one of the country's most famous upscale vacation retreats. Set between Wyoming and Idaho, the region is peppered with cottonwoods, snow-capped peaks and exotic wildlife. Jackson Hole is a peaceful area with tons to see and do.

Getting Around with the Jackson Hole Guide
When considering a new location for a vacation, a great travel guide is an indispensable companion. For Jackson Hole, the best place to look is JacksonHoleJournal.net. This online guide offers local photographs as well as lists of the best places to stay, best restaurants to eat at and the most interesting activities to try. The most popular outdoor activities are generally rafting, hiking and horseback riding, although in recent years wildlife safaris have become more common. At night, the famous Bar J Chuckwagon dinner show is almost a must-see. With information on accommodations ranging from motels to resorts, this Jackson Hole Guide can make a traveler on any budget feel like he's been visiting Jackson Hole for years.

Consider the prospect of riding in a hot air balloon, traveling up a mountain face on ski lift or even sailing through the snow on a sleigh. Imagine exploring art fairs, galleries and trendy shops. Check out Jackson Hole and let JacksonHoleJournal.net be your guide.