Jackson Hole Dog Sledding
A dog sledding trip to Granite Hot Springs

Jackson Hole Dog Sledding

Exploring the greater Yellowstone area through dog sledding is just one of the unique activities you'll find in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. There are several companies based in Jackson Hole that specialize in the age-old sport of dog sledding, and some of them offer day-long and overnight tours. Dog lovers and adventurers alike will get a kick out of this exciting form of mountain exploration.

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Credited to ancient Siberian travelers, dog sledding was particularly popular during the Gold Rush, as dogs are excellent at navigating terrain that is too difficult for a larger animal like a horse to negotiate. Traveling through the scenic landscape of Jackson Hole by dog sled is not only a great way to see the countryside, but also a wonderful way to experience a taste of history. Kids especially love to go dog sledding (and they may even get to meet and greet the hard-working dogs during the trip!)

Beyond Jackson Hole Dog Sledding
When planning a trip to Jackson Hole, check into the JacksonHoleJournal.net to find a variety of dog sledding options. JacksonHoleJournal.net is an online travel resource that offers detailed information on the town of Jackson Hole, as well as storybook photographs. This easy-to-follow online guide can help with every aspect of planning a trip to Jackson Hole.

Jackson Hole also offers numerous other activities ranging from relaxing golf games to invigorating mountain climbs. Rafting on Snake River, navigating the trails up in the mountains and snowboarding the slopes of the Teton are all things to consider while exploring the adventure that is Jackson Hole. Whether dog sledding or river rafting, check in with JacksonHoleJournal.net to find the best of Jackson Hole adventures.