Jackson Hole Cross Country Skiing

Jackson Hole is a cozy vacation resort area tucked away in the Teton Mountains, which is part of the Rocky Mountain Range. With high mountain peaks and slippery mountain slopes, Jackson Hole has made a name for itself in downhill skiing. The Jackson Hole Resort is one of the most popular ski resorts in the area and has up to the minute ski lifts, restaurants and shops, perfect for the downhill skiing enthusiast.

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However, Jackson Hole also offers several cross country skiing options that are perfect for those who prefer to travel over flat land. With a backdrop of cottonwood trees and the sparkling Snake River, cross country skiing is an active way to take part in the beauty of the Teton Mountains without hurtling yourself down a hill. Some of the region's most beautiful hiking trails are transformed into cross-country trails in the wintertime, making Jackson Hole a place for all seasons.

Find the Best Jackson Hole Cross Country Skiing
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When searching for details on skiing, be sure to check out all the other outdoor activities Jackson Hole has to offer. Sleigh rides, dog sled rides, river rafting and hiking are only some of the outdoor activities to consider. The area also has numerous accommodations options as well--and whether you're looking to be pampered at a spa or pitch in at a working dude ranch, JacksonHoleJournal.net provides plenty of useful listings.