Jackson Hole Art Galleries

Once you see the beauty of Jackson Hole, you'll immediately understand why it attracts so many artists. Home to the Grand Tetons section of the Rocky Mountain Range, Jackson Hole is one of the most scenic areas of the United States. Majestic cottonwood trees, the sparkling Snake River and proximity to Yellowstone National Park all add to Jackson Hole's visual appeal, attracting tourists and artists alike.

In Jackson Hole, there are several galleries worth seeing as the town boasts art in every form. Photographers display both black-and-white and color prints that depict stunning and unexpected views of the wilderness. Jewelry designers create lovely pieces that anyone would be proud to wear. Pottery, painting and sculpture galleries add to the mix. Exploring the many galleries in Jackson Hole town square is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon, and can easily absorb art-lovers for several days.

Explore Jackson Hole Art Galleries
As a visitor to Jackson Hole, setting aside time to visit art galleries is best done with some planning. JacksonHoleJournal.net is an online business directory that can help flesh out gallery information before you even arrive in Jackson Hole. This business directory is for visitors as well as locals, covering everything from restaurants, hotels, activities and even Jackson Hole history.

With all there is to see and do in Jackson Hole, checking out the art displayed in town in a must. The natural setting inspires so much creation--and Jackson Hole is proud of its artists and the additional beauty they lend to the environment. Be sure to take in the man-made visuals along with the mountain views to make your vacation complete.