Dogsledding in Jackson Hole
A dogsled team makes its way towards Granite Hot Springs near Jackson Hole

Dog Sledding offers alternative way to see Teton backcountry

One of the most unique ways to enjoy the backcountry around Jackson Hole is dogsledding. These trips typically last a day and include a meal at the destination.

What can you expect from a sled dog tour...a unique once-in-a-lifetime experience, a taste of Eskimo life in the far North, and perhaps best of all, getting to know the personalities of your partners, the dogs themselves. Guests who wish to drive a team are offered a brief orientation session. This includes teaching the basic commands, accompanying him or her for a short run and introducing each member of the team. No amount of telling ever substitutes for experience! The dogs are manageable, well-trained, experienced athletes, but they are also affectionate and friendly. Sled dogs combine the strength, stamina, and speed of the original Eskimo work dogs. No other method of travel over snow can compare with dog sledding. the only sounds are the shushing of the runners, perhaps the panting of the dogs and the wind in your face. But it should be mentioned that some trips take the same path as snowmobiles so there may be another ambient noise.

Maintaining a sled dog team is a difficult task, which explains why there are basically only two companies operating in Jackson Hole -- the two listed below. Frank Teasley, a veteran of Iditarod races in Alaska, operates the first. Sled dog tours at Togwotee Mountain Lodge and Brooks Mountain Lodge north of Jackson Hole are offered via the two on the list.

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